Nationwide maintenance services

Planned & Unplanned Maintenance Programmes

Our cost-effective preventative and breakdown maintenance programmes ensure key equipment operates at the optimum level and prevents unnecessary downtime. We also work closely with our clients and plant staff to minimise disruption to the working day. This includes providing a range of tailored services that take into consideration the requirements of specific sites.

For a number of clients, we have developed framework arrangements, providing cost-effective and timely solutions to offer both continuous site presence or an emergency call out (24/7) service.

Tried and tested outage maintenance services

Over the past 30 years, the business has worked on almost all Coal-Fired Power Stations throughout the UK, and has become renowned throughout the industry for its boiler outage services and specialist knowledge of pressure parts.

This includes drum servicing and header, water wall tube and panel replacements and Superheater and CMV pipework replacements and repairs. We also have the experience to manage mill maintenance/repairs, together with burner, feed, ash and environmental systems.

Through our experience as a Principal Contractor, we understand that planning is key to successful shutdown. Plant shutdown and outage services are a specialised area and we have a proven track record of delivering complex major outage programmes to time and budget.

We also have a nationwide team of specialists, able to provide timely and cost-effiective planned or unplanned support for our clients.

Example areas of expertise:

  • Air Heaters

  • Burners

  • Coal, Ash & Dust Handling

  • Cooling Water Systems

  • Ducting & Dampers

  • Feed Water Pipework

  • Flue Gas Treatment (NOx & SOx)

  • Large Fans

  • Milling Plant

  • Pipework (HP Steam / PF)

  • Pressure Parts

  • Valves