As a leading mechanical engineering contractor we take our responsibility to the environment and the world around us seriously. As a business that works within the environmental energy sector, we also appreciate the growing need for companies to use energy efficiently.

Wherever possible, we aim to minimise the impact of the engineering projects we undertake and have a strong track record in using sustainable materials and environmentally friendly working practices. We have a moral and social responsibility to support environmental measures that go beyond purely legislative requirements and encourage other businesses and suppliers to follow our lead.

In keeping with this outlook, we have developed a sustainable waste management system and regularly undertake training to bring our employees a greater awareness of environmental issues. We also invest considerable time, effort and money to ensure the work we undertake today, doesn't affect future generations. This includes:

  • Operating in accordance with BS EN ISO 14001:2004, together with all relevant legislation, approved Codes of Practice and statutory guidance

  • Meeting the requirements of CEMARS (Carbon Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme), measuring our greenhouse gas emissions in compliance with ISO 14064-1:2006.  This standard commits us to managing and reducing our emissions in respect of the operational activities of the organisation

  • Ensuring employees work to the principles that sustain our environmental commitment

  • Educating our workforce to increase awareness and sensitivity to environmental issues

  • Engaging with customers, suppliers, contractors and regulatory authorities to encourage a co-operative approach to minimising environmental impacts

  • Monitoring environmental performance to establish benchmarks for improvement

  • Regularly reviewing our policies and objectives, to take into account the views of internal and external stakeholders