Precisely planned mechanical installations

Upgrading existing plant quickly and cost-effectively

Legislative changes and renewable incentives are driving the way for a number of upgrades and retrofits to the existing Power Generation infrastructure throughout the UK.

With over 30 years’ experience, and access to the latest information on new technology and industry regulations, we can accurately advise our clients’ on design, planning and project execution. We also provide start-to-finish project management, to coordinate stakeholders and ensure targets are achieved - without compromising health, safety, quality or environmental performance.

Building the new generation of low-carbon power plants

As a leading mechanical installation specialists, we work closely with our clients to provide an effective, assured and localised service that will enable to project to be delivered right, first time.

From walkways, pipe runs and racks, to major boiler, flue gas treatment and condenser installations, PJD manages and delivers a wide range of mechanical installations for both brown and greenfield projects, wth the capability to coordinate all activities under CDM to ensure that the contract is delivered on time and within budget.

Example areas of expertise:

  • Boilers

  • Burners

  • Condensing Systems

  • Flue Gas Treatment

  • Fuel Handling Systems

  • Milling Plant

  • Pipework

  • Pressure Parts

  • SNCR systems

  • SCR systems