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Tata Chmicals - Lostock Works - February 2019 This  project is to undertake the No.2 compressor gas main replacement - horizontal sections.

Tata Chemicals - Lostock Works - February 2019 The project is an upgrade on the No.6 Billingham fan and completing a full upgrade on the No.5 Billingham fan.

Lakeside - Lakeside EfW - February 2019 The project is to undertake planned maintenance outages to Line 1 and Line 2 on site at Lakeside Energy from Waste Ltd. The planned work includes a major overhaul of each line including the maint...

Replacement of No.2 Distiller PHE.

Wykes Engineering Co (Rushden) December 2018 Re-tubing of Boiler 'A" outlet and inlet walls (60 off tube) plus drum repair.