Behavioural Safety Programme


The Behavioural Safety Programme is an award winning and pioneering initiative that drives through improvements in Health & Safety awareness.

What underpins this programme is a change in the behaviour of every member of PJDE’s workforce.  Today, through the results of this programme, PJDE is increasing the levels of proactive steps required to reduce safety incidents.

This Culture Change Programme has been carried out in partnership with other leading stakeholders.  Scottish & Southern Energy were fundamental in driving this initiative, as the owner of the Fiddlers Ferry Power Station, while the British Safety Council provided training to staff on site while managing all information collected.  Furthermore, the Manchester Metropolitan University provided research and academic support to affect the knowledge transfer partnership between academia and industry.

So how does this culture change programme work?

The four stakeholders identified that communication is the strongest tool to drive change in a deep-rooted culture.  Much of the work undertaken on site provides inherent risk and while the risk can often not be reduced, it is the desire of everyone concerned to keep safety incidents to a minimum.

They key to the programme is to be able to understand the potential consequences of ones actions.  This creates an emotional response at both a physiological level, and at a sociological level.  In other words, it must be understood how actions affect the individual and the community of workers.  Everybody on site is challenged in this way, and they are encouraged to observe and challenge other people if they see something wrong or amiss.

Through the programme, the tone of conversation between one worker and another changed.  It removed the potential for confrontational conversation to that of being supportive.  The goal is to understand why someone is working in a particular way, rather than chastising them if what they are doing is wrong. This improves the social capital of the workforce through better hazard recognition, and the upshot is increased prevention of accidents.

The partnership discovered that through this desire and communication, primarily in the form of one-to-one conversations, not only with the people who are doing the work, but with stakeholders throughout the company, significant improvements the standards of health & safety throughout the company can be made.


At present, this project is being carried out at Fiddlers Ferry Power Station, but is due to be rolled out across all sites going forward.

With the considerable support of all of the partners in this project, namely Scottish & Southern Energy, the British Safety Council and Manchester Metropolitan University, the Behavioural Safety Programme can now provide a long term benefit to society as a whole.

Since the launch of the programme, PJDE has continued to develop and adapt the outcome to ensure that it can be applied to different clients, sites and markets.